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Scott Mead delves into his extensive photographic archive to reflect on family, legacy and what it means to share lessons with future generations.

'Thoughts For My Children took shape over many years, in many places and at many times. Perspectives and insights on life’s journey would come to me, usually out of the blue and at unexpected times, sometimes on planes far above the clouds, in new places or in familiar surroundings where my mind would wander. At first, I would jot them down on small pieces of paper or in my journal or somewhere else, in a not particularly organised way. Every so often, what I had recalled as a worthwhile thought was lost with the paper it was written on and so eventually the phone became the safest place to store them.' – Scott Mead

Over time, this collection of thoughts evolved into a book that explores family, legacy and what it means to share the lessons we learn with future generations. The images that sit alongside the text, part of Mead’s extensive photographic archive, continue to resonate beyond the pages of the family album and expand the reach of the words into something at once deeply personal and universal.

Thoughts For My Children is meant to be picked up and carried with you, the small format inviting moments of contemplation and celebrating the lives unfolding around it. It was made about and for the passing of time – a voice to return to in moments of difficulty and happiness, and a companion for wherever life may take you.

Thoughts For My Children

  • Published by Hurtwod Press Limited, 2023
    Photographs and text by Scott Mead
    Design and edit by Anne Erhard at Bramley Studio
    Hardcover, quarterbound
    132 pages,
    14.6 x 18.6 cm (w x h), 67 color illustrations
    ISBN: 978-0-903696-71-5

  • We ship worldwide from Scott's creative hub at Bramley Studio, London, UK. Please note the customer may be liable for customs and duties tax depending on shipping destination. 

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